We found a penny!

We found a penny!
October 8, 2012

When our kids were young we decided to get a dog. We went to dog pounds, Mall pet stores, we read books, and asked people about what dog they liked, and why. We wanted a dog that would be good with our kids, ages 7 and 13, and good with our 9 year old cat. We had a small house, but a big yard. Then one day, we heard about some funny looking skinny dogs that needed homes. They had been racers and were now retired. We had never seen racing dogs except on TV shows. I saw them as a kid, watching Bat-man, King Tut had one or two. Or, in James Bond movies they were running around a track with people screaming at them, "run, run, run!". But that's all we knew of them, they were far away mystic creatures from the Egyptian times long ago. This sounded intriguing, save a dog and give our family a loving friend.

At that time we lived in Massachusetts and went to a Greyhound rescue group in Hopkinton (where the Boston Marathon starts). When we got there, a fawn little girl was just coming to the shelter. She was small and scared. It was her first time away from the life she once knew, her name was Penny. She went straight to the kids and stayed close the whole time we were there. We were in the presence of royalty, a movie star. We were hooked!

She came home with us within a week. We had to lift her up, she had never been in the seat of a car before (what a weird dog!) We had to introduce her to the cat, "Don't eat the cat!". We had to show her what glass windows were, "Don't break the glass!". She learned very fast. "Don't chase the skunks!", oops, to late. She ran back into the house and straight on to our bed! We slept with her in the living room for a week.

She was a "little dear", in her coloring and her disposition. She quickly became one of the family, and would soon be sleeping on the couch with our cat. She loved to get picked up, to get in the car, to go up stairs, and even to just lay on my shoulders. She was a great dog, and our whole family got to know and love her.

She has since passed on, but our first thoughts of greyhounds will always go back to her, our "found penny".

~ Mark and Grace Pauley

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