Otis, Ode and Annie

October 8, 2012

Otis is like Will Rogers: he has never met a person or a dog that he doesn't like. He is my constant companion & knows everything that is going on without being intrusive. What I love about the Greys is how they can fit into any household. If you have a lively family, like my daughter, they join right in. If you are like I am, they are content to watch the TV with you or go for a nice walk. The one thing they need is human interaction. They want to be with you & be a part of your lives. Otherwise, you will be unhappy, & they will be too.

People should know that this is a commitment, & it will take time for us to get to know the dog, & the dog to get to know us. It can take as little as a few days, to a few years. These dogs are worth saving & are loving companions, they want to be completely attuned to our feelings. No one could ask for a better friend & buddie.

I have another Grey, Annie, who is scared of everything & shows little emotion. I have had her for 2 years, & she is slowly coming out of her shell. She loves to play with Otis, but otherwise she is a loner. I'm sure we can reach out to people that would be willing to take a dog that has not been treated well & give them the time to blossom. I truly feel that our group must be honest with the issues some of these dogs face. I was told Annie played with the kids in her foster home & slept in the bed. There is no way in H--- that ever happened. She has serious space issues, & Otis has learned to keep his distance, unless she is ready to play.

Moral of the story is, our group must be honest about what problems some of these dogs might present.

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