Nine Things About My New Home

Nine Things About My New Home
December 7, 2012

Nine Things About My New Home

By Ozark Sky Way

My new family is fun. Mom takes good care of me and thinks of everything; Dad is silly and we run around all the time. I have a nice size yard and play fetch. I jump off the deck and chase squirrels. I can run fast, really fast. Petey is slow but runs as fast as he can. (I give them 4 roos)

Going for rides is very fun, but I don’t fit so well in the car and I like to stand up on rides. I am hinting at a SUV—but my family is environmentalists. I don’t know what that is, but I think it means I’m stuck with the hybrid. (3.5 roos)

I like my new friend Petey; he was so nice and welcomed me into his home. I am big with funny ears; he is small and strong and has a funny smile. He can fit underneath me and has to dodge my long tail. Poor guy. He wants to lie next to me sometimes, but I need my space—and I’d rather cuddle with Mom or Dad. (4 roos)

I like to run around the living room playing with my rope. I throw it and chase it, and then Dad throws it, and I chase it. I have to be careful though, I am a big dog and the living room is small. When I give the rope a good toss, Mom and Dad have to duck for cover. (3.5 roos)

I love food. I love almost all foods. I love dog treats and leftovers. I have been known to give Dad the “shakedown” when I catch him in the kitchen. My family likes to eat too, only problem is that they are vegetarians—so no leftover chicken or beef or squirrel. (3.5 roos)

I like walks; they are my favorite thing to do. Just the sight of my leash sends me into a frolicking frenzy. Watch out little Petey, I can’t control my enthusiasm. (5 roos) 

In my new home, I get to do whatever I want. I get up on the furniture and the bed. At first I wasn’t sure if I was allowed and I was on my best behavior, but now it’s all good. They say it’s okay. (4 roos)

I am a vocal greyhound and I have things to say. I also like to sing and dance. Dad dances and we do a Conga line when Mom is not home. First is Dad, then me, then Petey. I am a good dancer, Petey and Dad are not. Can I get a “roo-roo”? (4.5 roos)

I learned how to read and write, how many greyhounds can do that? Dad wrote a story about me and it was in the paper; my picture was in the paper too. I wanted to read it and see what he said about me, so Dad taught me how to read and write. I wrote this whole thing all by myself; honest I did. (3.5 roos)

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