My Hugger

October 8, 2012

After my first greyhounds died, we were in need of another greyhound. We had decided to get a girl greyhound. It was a hot summer day: we went to a Meet and Greet and Roger, a beautiful 2 year old Black greyhound kept coming to me for petting. I would pet him, and then go to the next dog in the pen. He would follow me. He would put himself between me and the other dogs to make sure I petted him. It was hot that day, all the dogs were panting. My husband crawled in the pen with some wet clothes to wipe the dogs down. He knelt down to wipe down a greyhound that was lying down. Roger walked up to him and pushed my husband’s hand to make him pet Roger. My husband ended up sitting on the ground in the pen. Roger then, sat on my husband’s lap! We agreed to foster him until we could find the girl greyhound. We fostered Roger for about 4 months. Roger got adopted, and I was sad that we had not committed to adopting him. About 5 months later, Roger was returned by his adopter. They asked me if I wanted to foster him again, I said yes, with intent to adopt. Roger walked in the house, my remaining greyhound was happy to see him and he was happy to see my dog, he went upstairs came back down and laid down.

After the person dropped him off and left, I sat down in a chair. Roger came over, and with feet on the ground he crawled up my sitting body and once his front paws got to my shoulders, he rested his body on mine, as if he was giving me a hug. Of course I had to hug him, although his 70 lb body and his knobby elbows were pressing into all the wrong places. Later that night, he did the same to my husband. That night, as we went to bed, Roger put his front paws on the bed as if to say he wanted a good night hug. Over the few months since we have adopted Roger, I have had a constant companion who no matter what is happening, is always happy to get or give a hug. I can no longer go to the bathroom alone, this, he has found, is the best time to get hugs, petted and talked to. And even better, this is when he decides it is time to sit on my lap.

Roger now waits for his hug before he goes outside in the morning, and when I return from work. He also stays by my side and anytime he can, he causes a hug. While putting clean clothes away, he puts his front paws on the bed to help and he knows that he is tall enough for me to give him a hug when he is standing on the bed.

Roger allows everyone to hug him. He is my hugger dog. It was sad that he was returned by his adoptive home, but we all are better off with Roger in our lives.

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