October 27, 2013

Weight - 

Color - White w/Dark Brindle
Gender - Male
Date of Birth - July 7, 2009
Small Dog Tolerant - No
Other Dog Tolerant -
Walks Well on a Leash - Yes
Cat Tolerant - No
Crate Trained -
Goes up & down stairs - Can go upstairs very well, but prefers to stay on main level

Pat C Roller, also known as Rollie, is a happy 6 year old boy.

He has mastered all his house manners and is looking for a place to call home.

He is OK with other large dogs (50 lbs and more).

Rollie likes to chase small animals.

He roos “hello” when you get home or greet him in the morning. 

Rollie is a wonderful greyhound.  He does everything a good greyhound should do. He eats well, stays, doesn’t beg at the table, sleeps on a dog bed, plays with dog toys, and loves to be cuddled.  He would love to get on the furniture, but doesn't since he has not been encouraged to do so.  His favorite thing is to run in the yard when a car is driving up the street.  Rollie loves car rides, and enjoys going to meets and greets.  He comes to a whistle.  Rlooie is a happy cuddly dog, who seems to be smarter than most Greyhounds.

Rollie has a sensitive side.  If  a strange thing happened during the day, his tummy gets upset and he gets loose stools.  Once he feels comfortable again, his tummy settles down.  He seems to have trouble with beef digesting correctly.  This is slowly getting better.  

Rollie is good with children, he likes to be petted by them.  He is not a fan of cats.  Dogs rule, cats are squeaky toys.  He appears to be ok with smaller dogs if supervised.  Initially, his interest in the 30 lb hairy dog was high, but it subsided, and they played well together.

Rollie needs another dog in his life that can run in the yard with him.

Rollie Roo's if you encourage him.

He loves to lay outside on a sunny day and observe the goings on in the yard, and the chase the leaves and birds out of the yard if that strikes his fancy. 

Rollie doesn’t know how to wake up humans if he needs to go out at night.  He is learning to whine when he needs to wakeup someone. He would do best with a doggie door or a human that will hear him get up. 

Rollie would be a great dog for someone who has a yard, another larger dog, and needs a companion to watch movies or sports with.  He loves to lay with his head in a lap.


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