PG Khan

PG Khan
October 26, 2013
AKA - Khan
Weight - 65.0
Color -Black
Gender - Male
Date of Birth - 5 JUL 2010
Small Dog Tolerant - ?
Other Dog Tolerant - Gets along with other Greyhounds
Walks Well on a Leash - Yes
Cat Tolerant - No
Crate Trained - No
Goes up & down stairs - Yes
Khan has mastered stairs.
He is housebroken.
He sleeps through the night on a dog bed along with the other hounds in our bedroom.  He is cage free.
Khan enjoys eating, he will eat all day long if allowed.
Khan responds well to ‘No’.
He does NOT do well with lots of activity in the house, loud voices, or things flying through the air. (tossing treats is out of the question for him)
6-8-10 year olds came over yesterday and he was ok with them, until, they started chasing him, then he was scared. While he chased them he was fine.
Not sure if he is small animal safe.  He may be, after he is exposed to one for a long period.  He is curious about everything, but unusual things frighten him.  In the presence of small animals he should be muzzled until he figures out what they are and what they do.
Khan is skittish and curious.  New situations scare him, but he is curious enough to overcome the fright and investigate what frightened him.  He remembers, and is slowly conquering his fears.
Khan is a lovely animal.  He is a loving, gentle, quiet dog who needs an owner of same disposition, preferably with friendly greyhound that will guide and run with him in the yard.
He loves to run in the yard.  He has discovered dog toys and takes great pride in stealing them from where they are and taking them to his bed.
Khan has great potential to be a lap dog/couch sitter.  With the right person, he will be a Velcro dog.
Khan walks nicely on a leash.  He enjoys leisurely walks where he can look around and investigate things.  But a quick paced walk is ok too.
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