MJR Jason

MJR Jason
March 11, 2015
AKA -Jason
Weight - 
Color - Red
Gender - Male
Date of Birth - 05/2012
Small dog tolerant - 
Other dog tolerant - 
Walks well on leash - 
Cat tolerant - 
Crate trained - 
Jason knows his name. He gets along well with all the other greyhounds.  He knew how to go down stairs when he got here and this morning he learned how to go up stairs.
He seems to have a keen sense of smell.  Any new scent, his nose is in the air and he walks around, almost pacing trying to find the source of the smell. I've never seen a greyhound do this. He does not counter surf, he counter smells. 
Jason knows how to sit!  He hesitates to do anything without being told to do it.  I think this may be a good indication of a very trainable dog.  He responds well to good boy and a lot of petting.  Jason is not skittish, but very cautious of new things. The sound of airplanes and trains are worrisome to him. I think as he gets used to them he will be fine.
Jason is a happy inquisitive greyhound.  He is adjusting to home life: he is still unsure what he is supposed to do with his free time.  Cooking smells make him walk around the house with his nose in the air trying to find where the smell is coming from.  His nose cruises the counters, but so far, that is all.
 Jason has found that getting cuddles is good, and I have found that the more cuddles he gets,the better he listens and comprehends. 
Jason is happy guy.  He loves to run in the yard, he does 8 laps or 15 circles around the tree!
 He has figured out that he is not supposed to go potty in the house and paces when he has to go;  He is 90 percent house trained.  It could be his foster mom needs to pay closer attention.
He is able to hold it for 5 hours during the day, and 7 hours at night. He sleeps real nicely in our room on a dog bed.
Jason is a still learning the different noises and smells of life and new or unusual sounds send him scurrying out of the room. New smells: his nose goes in the air and leads him to the source of the new smell. Some sighthound!
He is countertop curious. Only got up there once and that was to eat leftover dog food that I had put on the counter.
Jason would do best with another dog.  He looks to another dog for assurance and he likes to play with other dogs.
He was terrific with a 30 pound hairy dog,  Children seem drawn to him and he likes to give kisses to kids.
He does stairs;although, not gracefully.
Jason has found toys and prefers the unstuffed squeakey toys.
He has some food aggression issue that we working on.  He will eat other dogs food while they are eating it.  We are working on his patience when it comes to food
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