Jet Fast Red

Jet Fast Red
March 19, 2014
AKA -Fred
Weight - 75 lbs
Color - Red
Gender - Male
Date of Birth - 8/04/09
Small dog tolerant - Yes*
Other dog tolerant - Yes*
Walks well on leash - 
Cat tolerant - Yes*
Crate trained -Yes

Fred likes to play with squeaky toys either alone or with someone, K9 or human.  He entertains himself with squeaky toys in the yard.

Fred is very curious but learns quickly, although we are having trouble teaching him to get out of the kitchen.

He doesn’t counter surf.

He loves to cuddle. 

He sits on your lap. If you are sitting, he pushes himself into you and presses his head on your chest and looks at you with those big brown eyes so you will pet him.

He does not get on our furniture, he does stairs real well.

He eats real well.

He checks out what is for dinner on the table and when he is told to lay down, he does. If you don’t tell him to lay down, he waits for a plate at the table, LOL.

He is small animal safe. 

Fred lets kids (under 10) hug him and pet him.  He enjoys the attention.

Loud noises don’t scare him, but if he is doing something he should not do, a couple of claps of the hands, stops it.

Thunder, lightning and gun shots don’t faze him.

Fred is a very social dog.  He enjoys the company of animals and people.

The bad thing is, when the alarm goes off in the morning, he gets up.  He is not a hit the snooze button dog.  He gets up, wagging, ready to greet the day.

He goes to sleep at 830 at night.  He does go out when invited after that, but he is ready for bed at 830.

Fred would do best in a house where there is a companion, someone home a lot or another dog would make him happy.


He is ready for a new home. As long as they understand t not touch a sleeping dog.



*Cat/Small Dog Tolerant means that either through testing or living in a home with a cat/small dog, the greyhound has not shown significant interest or aggression. However, potential adoptees should be aware that a greyhound, as in all breeds, may react unpredictably on occasion or under changing circumstances. A greyhound should never be considered completely cat/small dog safe and adoptees should provide adequate supervision of their interactions with other pets.
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