Jax Indigo

Jax Indigo
March 11, 2015
AKA - Indigo
Weight - 
Color - Brindle
Gender - Female
Date of Birth - 10/2012
Small dog tolerant - 
Other dog tolerant - 
Walks well on leash - 
Cat tolerant - 
Crate trained - 
Indigo is learning NOT to counter surf....especially when we're right there too! 
 Steps, she needs more time with. She's ok with the large, wide front porch steps..though more practice is needed there too. The steps from the kitchen to the side door, (short, and narrow) she will not go down.
When she comes inside (sometimes you have to "assist" her to come in) she will after a bit come up the 2 steps. She has followed Tess right in. Tess hurdles the steps, Indigo has done that once.
Her appetite is very healthy, though she's not big on treats. She will not take them from your hand.  However, if you slide them on the floor to her, she will take it.
Indigo is progressing well!
     She now goes out (down the 2 steps from the kitchen to the side door like a old pro! (they're 'short steps' only about 5 inches wide)
     She does need to coaxed back inside the house at times. Then lingers at the side door till no one is looking then comes up into the kitchen
      She is now taking treats from our hands. She has not jumped up on to the counter in some time. Though she still "checks" things out with her nose.
      She rides very well in the car. And Now "kennel's Up" into the car rather than be lifted. Sunday, she had a "play date" with PJ Wyatt Earp at the Marang's. She was marvelous..playing well with Wyatt and  Bella a Sharpei mix (a senior, deaf, arthritic and mostly blind) 
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