July 19, 2013

AKA PW's Lostndafog

Weight - 76
Color - Red
Gender - Male
Date of Birth - November 27, 2010
Small Dog Tolerant -
Other Dog Tolerant -
Walks Well on a Leash - Yes
Cat Tolerant -
Crate Trained - Yes, but prefers to not be crated
Goes up & down stairs - Yes

Foster report  #1

Name of Dog: Lostndafog

Housebreaking: Making great progress.  Have him in Belly band while at work.  Not wet when we get home.  Knows to go to door when he needs to go potty and does the circles at the door. But he doesn’t make any noise to tell us he wants out.  We are working on that.

Stairs: yes, no problem. A little klutzy, but he has no hesitation.

Eating habits: Loves to eat.  I feed him separately from my dogs.  No problems.  He waits he ill others are finished then inspects their bowls for leftovers, which he eats.

Sleeping habits:  Sleeps all night in our room on the dog bed. 

Personality: Friendly, yes.  Happy, yes. Active, yes. Outgoing, yes. Calm, yes. Dominant, not really.  Shy, nope.  Fearful.  No, nothing that scares the other dogs, scares  him.

Submissive: not really.  He will stand his ground, but he is not aggressive. Timid, no.  Curious. Yes very curious, wants to see, feel, chew everything. But understands NO.  he is 2 ½, so  he is doing what 2 ½ year olds do.

Calm when left alone: I see no indication of a problem, but there are 3 other dogs in the house.

Will stay in a crate, but prefers not to.  He howls and carries on.

Does not display anxiety about anything except being in a crate.

Afraid or men/women/children.  No

Afraid of household noises, No, has to come and see what that noise was.

Easily stressed.  Nope

Displays destructive behavior?  No, but, he is in the chew phase of his life and will chew on what ever looks like it needs chewed, if not redirected.  Squeaky toys and flip chips are much more interesting.

Territory marking issues. No

Prey drive: high

Should be in an environment where someone is home often: yes or a dog companion.

He would be ok as an only dog, but would be better if had a human or other K9 companion.

Would do better in a quiet environment:  I don’t think it would matter to him.

Prefers company of other dogs.  Right now, yes.  He needs dog-guidance

Shows anxiety or confusion if not around other dogs: Don’t know, but right now I think he would be looking for a companion.

Spends most of its time with other dogs: yes

Recommend being placed with other dogs: yes or a human who is home a lot.

Prefers the company of people.  He prefers the company of people or dogs.  He doesn’t discriminate. J

Velcro dog: no

Content to play with you by himself. Yes.  We are teaching him to play with us, but he is quite happy to play by himself.

Plays well with other dogs.  My dogs don’t play well with other dogs, so I have no idea.

Small animal tolerant: NO. met a lab puppy (12 weeks old) and within a minute had the puppy’s neck in  his mouth. Puppy yelped…

Small children tolerant: Only met them, but seemed ok.

Loves crowds and overwhelming environments.  Especially if he  can get petted.

Other comments:  Fog knows his name is Fog.  He is a happy pup who seems to be smart.  He could be a therapy dog.  He seems to be easy to train.  I will see if I can get him trained to sit, starting soon. 

He is a loving, happy guy who likes to hang out and do what ever he is told to do, or what the others do. He walks on a leash very well, he will stay right by your side while walking if that is what you want.

His problem is he is not small animal safe.  Rabbits, birds,  he shows extreme interest.  Do NOT put this dog with anyone that has any sort of small animal.


Michelle South 8/2/2013


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