B's Wild Won

B's Wild Won
November 17, 2012

AKA "Alvin"

Weight - 72 lb.
Color - Fawn
Gender - Male
Date of Birth - Mar. 4 2010
Small Dog Tolerant - Yes
Other Dog Tolerant - Yes
Walks Well on a Leash - ?
Cat Tolerant - Yes
Crate Trained ?
Goes up & down stairs - ?

There once was a sweet gentle Greyhound pup full of energy and excitement for the future. He was born in Arkansas on3/04/10.  His proper name is B's Wild Won.  Otherwise known as Alvin.  No he does not look like a chipmunk!  One day a man came and removed Alvin from his family.  Alvin was scared and confused.  What was going on?  Alvin made a journey with other young Greyhounds to Abilene, Kansas.  Where he was trained to run.  Alvin did not enjoy himself.  He was forced to do something he did not like.  Food was sparse and there were few gentle hands to reassure him that everything would be okay.  Poor Alvin never won a race which did not make him a favorite of the handlers, trainers.  One day  Alvin ended up being transported to Mobile , Alabama.   From there he was selected among other Greyhounds for a trip to safety. Before that could happen Alvin had to be neutered, receive all his shots, and a dental.  That poor, sweet boy  had no idea why people were doing all these hurtful things to him. He did not know the lucky boy  was selected to be received by a Greyhound adoption group.  After a scary trip where the truck broke down while transporting and Alvin along with his companions had to wait inside the Greyhound hauler for whatever was going to happen. Alvin and 4 of his companions were rescued by Erie Shore Greyhound Adoption of Ohio.  It was a dark, cold night but for the first time in their lives people waited happy and impatient for their arrival.  Food to fill their hungry bellies was ready.  Along with a nice warm shower to get their tired bodies clean.   They had their dirty collars removed and nice clean, soft ones put on.  Alvin and his companions still did not understand what was going on.  They would soon realize that every one of them was going into a home that wanted nothing but love and happiness for these  foster Greyhounds until a forever home could be located.  No more going to bed hungry, dirty, scared, or alone.  For some like Alvin it took a while to realize he was not going to be hurt any more by people.  He slowly warmed up to his foster greyhound/small dogs brothers, and sisters.  He found out the four legged furry critters who gave off a strange meow sound were okay to live with. Since then another foster has joined Alvin.  They are both looking for their forever home.  Alvin has come close 3 times but applications did not work out.  Erie Shore adoption group and his foster mom will give Alvin and his foster companions any length of time needed to find the correct forever home.  Alvin has brought out his inside self he was hiding to protect him.  He loves to play knowing he can do most anything. If he crosses the line of expected behavior while learning do's & don'ts of living in a home he is gently reminded of what is expected without being hurt physically or emotionally.  All the foster greyhounds waiting permanent homes are unique in themselves.  Each one is a little different. Some are outgoing.  Some shy.  As Alvin and his friends await their homes please remember them in your prayers and best wishes they have a happy rest of their lives. 


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