Braska Anton

Braska Anton
July 30, 2016

Our newly arriving Greyhounds are taking their required medicines, learning their manners and, being evaluated by the foster families.  The evaluations are so we can see the individual dog’s behavior and traits.  It is important for you and the dog so we can find our dogs their forever homes the first time.

Our newly arrived Greyhounds will not be available for adoption for a minimum of 28 days after arrival.



Earliest available date - 8/27/2016

AKA - Anton

Weight - 67 lbs

Color - brn/wt

Gender – Male

Date of Birth - 10/14

Update:  Anton is eating well, and sleeps through the night.  He is learning how to deal when his people have to leave him alone, but is improving every week.   

Anton is adapting very well to his new surroundings. He just started playing with squeaky toys this week. He gets along great with the other 4 dogs. He has a couple of sleeping places. If another dog is on his bed he will pace around until they get up so he can lay down or sometimes share it if there is a lot of the bed showing.
Finally he loves food. I mean loves it. I made him meatballs and have been giving him extra snacks. He eats about 5 cups of taste of the Wild a day plus a little wet food. 
He does stairs good and is learning manners. No accidents in the house.
Other then that he is doing very well for being so young. 

So 'Anton' was a little hard to say so we have been calling him 'Herman'.

He is doing really well and adapting great to our house.  He goes up
the stairs like a champ, but coming down he'll jump when there are a
couple of steps left unless we watch him and tell him to go slow.  I
think its just easier for him to jump.  He is eating well and is
always hungry.  His coat is becoming cleaner and shinier.  He is definitely a Velcro pup and always wants to be by your side.  He is either looking to get petted or for a treat.  Herman gets along great with his foster siblings and loves to carry around his
toys.  He is constantly moving them all over the house and bringing
them outside.  He sleeps in the spare with all out other dogs or in
our bedroom.  We tried a crate once and he wasn't a happy camper.  But he's such a good boy so it really doesn't matter that he roams the house when we are gone.

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