TP Lanya Bug

TP Lanya Bug
January 20, 2017

Our newly arriving Greyhounds are taking their required medicines, learning their manners and, being evaluated by the foster families.  The evaluations are so we can see the individual dog’s behavior and traits.  It is important for you and the dog so we can find our dogs their forever homes the first time.

Our newly arrived Greyhounds will not be available for adoption for a minimum of 28 days after arrival.



Earliest available date - 2/18/2017

AKA - Bug

Weight - 58.6 lbs

Color - Dark brindle

Gender – Female

Date of Birth - 10/14


We have had Lanya Bug or as I like to now call her Lady Bug since early March. When she came to us she was very skittish and hesitant to warm up to us.  She did not like to walk on hard wood floors or tile.  Stairs are not her thing either.  The first couple of days were not pleasant for her or us, she was not happy or settled. We used the calming drops for a few days. But now we know a much different Lady Bug, she is a very, very sweet dog.  She is not the least bit aggressive.  We have another girl dog in the house her name is Charlie and she is part retriever part lab and she is the most lovable dog you will ever meet. She and LB are now good friends and love to romp in the mud together.  LB is almost always defer to Charlie and lets Charlie have the right of way or will hand back and wait for treats after Charlie gets hers.  We make them take turns and LB seems to like that.  We took LB to get her nails trimmed and that helped a lot with the hard wood floors, she still hesitates and has not come into the kitchen on the vinyl flooring but she wants to.  She will come in as far as her two front legs and crane her neck as far as it will go. 


LB is most definitely food driven but she also has a stubborn streak, if she doesn’t want to do something no food or treat will persuade her.  She is a very lovable dog and wants to please you, if a person was home all day or often she would be a Velcro dog, she loves when her humans are home or outside with her.  She is happy but reserved, I feel she will totally come out of her shell once she is in her forever home.  She has come so far in 3 weeks.  She is a cuddle bug.  She is NOT food aggressive, she will politely wait until you tell her its ok to go to her bowl.  She will dance for treats but really loves and get excited when you come downstairs or come home.  She makes it perfectly clear she is so happy to see you. 

LB is doing very good with her house training, if she has an accident it is more our fault for not hearing her and letting her out.  She has a roo that sounds like the warning siren for a tornado…ha ha, she roos and it is so cute.  The other day she was out in the back yard and police and fire trucks were going down the road and she roo’d in time to their sirens, her little head pointed upward and rooing.  I asked her if she was letting me know they were there and she roo’d a yes.

My favorite story so far is when she received her very first sparkly Crown Collars, it is orange with sparkly crystals on it.  When it came in the mail, we made a big deal out of having a surprise and treat for her.  We took off her used collar and put on her new collar, everyone in the house made a big deal and cooed and she lifted her head and pranced around the dining room.  It was so cute, it was like she knew she was special and pretty.  


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