Jax Rainbow

Jax Rainbow
March 11, 2016

Our newly arriving Greyhounds are taking their required medicines, learning their manners and, being evaluated by the foster families.  The evaluations are so we can see the individual dog’s behavior and traits.  It is important for you and the dog so we can find our dogs their forever homes the first time.

Our newly arrived Greyhounds will not be available for adoption for a minimum of 28 days after arrival.



Earliest available date - 4/15/2016

AKA - Rainbow

Weight - 54 lbs

Color - Black

Gender – Female

Date of Birth - 07/07/2013

 She didn't hesitate to try steps at all and has not had an accident.  we have put her in a create when we are away from the house.  She doesn't give us a hard time at all about going in it and will go in there and sleep when we are home.

She walks well on a leash.  Does not pull at all or become overly interested in other dogs walking or squirrels and such.  She loves people and loves being petted and cuddled.

  We have to watch her when we feed everyone because she finishes her food super fast and then will go over to everyone's bowl and try to eat with them.

4/10  Rainbow is a happy go lucky type of girl.  She loves toys and loves
playing with her foster siblings.  But when she is not playing, she is
either right by your side or keeping a watchful eye on everything from
her bed.  She loves being petted and groomed, especially belly rubs.
Rainbow has really got use to the house and will now come to either
'Rainbow' or 'Bo'.  She was a champ at the stairs the first day and
has not had and accident in the house.  We do crate her when we are
not home just because she still is a little too curious to be fully
trusted.  But if she does happen to swipe food of the counter or get
into something she shouldn't, Rainbow  differently has the sad puppy
dog eyes down pat!

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