Braska Noodle

Braska Noodle
August 19, 2015
*Date available - 9/22/15
AKA - Noodle
Weight - 59 lbs
Color - Red
Gender - Female
Date of Birth - 07/25/2011
Small dog tolerant - 
Other dog tolerant - 
Walks well on leash - 
Cat tolerant - 
Crate trained - 
Noodles is doing very well. She has impeccable house manners. She is a vocal girl, she will whine and whimper if she needs to go out. 
   She has just learned to take treats from your hand. She has not counter surfed, but has "nosed" the counter once or twice...just sniffing to see what's there.
She walks very well on the leash. I took her over to my neighbors yesterday afternoon and she was a perfect little lady. The house 2 doors down is having some work done on it. She was inquisitive with the workers and the noises....her ears perking up and doing the "head tilt" The sudden noises didn't seem to phase her one bit.
She's become a extremely sweet, affectionate little girl.  She loves to be combed & brushed. Which, I have been doing daily to help alleviate her dry skin issue.  Matter of fact, when I'm finished, she just lingers and gives me that look, "is that it?" "aren't you gonna keep brushing?"
It seems to be working...she's not scratching like she was earlier. I just started (yesterday) giving her a fish oil supplement. I tried feeding her a kibble with Salmon in it...but it only caused SEVERE GAS. So after 2 days, I stopped that and began the supplement (a pill) Her coat doesn't seem as feels softer that daily brushing/combing can help on the GreyTalk Forum.
She'll go up and down our side door steps like a champ! Though she is still skittish in the kitchen..(ceramic tile floor) She'll go flying out of the kitchen if you come in or move...Tess, just looks at if she was saying "whats wrong?" It's not like Krista and are making sudden movements or even dropping pots, pans...
Noodles is a grazer....taking a mouth of kibble, then walk around eating it. I must admit, she's very good at picking up any kibble she may drop, while eating.  She gobbles up treats like a old pro now too. She even steals Tess's treats. Tessa may take a treat back to her bed and "save" it for later. Noodles has no problem walking right up to her and taking the treat...Tess never makes a fuss..not even a sound. 
Trying to get Noodle up to our 2nd floor. 12 carpeted steps.. I've gotten her up the first 5 steps. She won't go any further. She'll just freeze up. I end up lifting her off the steps.
She's developed a bit of separation anxiety. She sleeps downstairs, alone. Tess comes up with Krista & I. Once, though we begin to stir, Noodles becomes very vocal...we can't get down to her fast enough. She's loud with a sharp, shrill sound! Who needs coffee with that!
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